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Business Podcast for Female Founders 

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biz tools you need

millions isn't a cash-grab, it's a mindset...

it's your turn to join the big leagues

with a brand that becomes your legacy

As a woman eager to build generational wealth, write the first chapter of your family’s success story, and stand out as the obvious first choice in your industry, you know that you need so much more than the same basic AF advice you've been following.

You're not afraid to go after what you want because you're operating out of a vision - not a cash grab.

Let's push your boundaries and revolutionize your business.


taking radical responsibility for your dreams is your m.o. you know the vision takes time, strategy and guts. you just need a push in the right direction.

that's where daring made comes in (WHO ELSE?)

I'M sasha, your right-hand revolutionary

anti-cliche. anti-basic. anti-fluff. team lfg.

serial entrepreneur, ex-corporate marketing director, mom of 2 and your biggest fan

I'm an immigrant, the daughter of a single mother, a mom, and a type-A perfectionist with an *actual* obsession with leading a revolution in the world of brand building.

I've built businesses with babies on my hips and eat excuses for breakfast. With Daring Made, I'm on a mission to show women everywhere that there are no circumstances big enough to hold them back from doing whatever they dream of.

xoxo Sasha

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Business Podcast for Female Founders

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daring made

business. branding. marketing.

After helping nearly 200 founders elevate their brands, scale their businesses and inflate their impact, here's the game-changer I've unlocked: Legacy-like impact is a long-term game.

To play the game to win, dive into our podcast for insider marketing secrets, killer branding strategies, and business-building wisdom that breaks the mold. Toss out those stale, cookie-cutter tactics gathering dust and let's get daring.

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Start making money from your content

by learning how to simplify your strategy and create for your customers.

In this FREE  juicy mega-pack of goodies, you'll learn how to speak directly to the heart of your audience, creating content that resonates, engages, and turns followers into loyal customers. Say goodbye to the days of questioning every post and hello to Lizzo-level confidence in your content.

Jam-packed value guide + Mini-Training + Notion template + Canva templates. All free. WTF are you waiting for, seriously?!

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you wanna make your brand a no-brainer? The truth is, there’s no “secret sauce” to building a 7-figure business. You can’t cut corners, and you can’t take the easy route. Creating an obsession-worthy brand requires vision, dedication, grit, and strategy.

if you have the first 3, i'll help you with the last one. Check out our services below to make it happen. 

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one-on-one coaching + CONSULTING

you're done playing small and are ready to make 2024 your millions era. from mindset to energy to marketing strategy, let's get you there.

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one-on-one 90 min. 
BUSINESS intensive

let's cut the fluff and get right to the strategies and support you need to scale your business in this game-changing intensive.

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I need direction in my business, what should I do?

At Daring Made, we understand the unique challenges you face as a female founder. Alongside our coaching and consulting services, we recommend diving into our Business Podcast for Female Founders. Each episode is packed with insights and actionable advice tailored to guide and inspire your business journey. If you're still seeking personalized guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you navigate your path to success with clarity and confidence.

Do you have any free services? 

Absolutely! We have our Business podcast 'Daring Made' perfect for female entrepreneurs that is packed with amazing, free advice. Plus, don't forget to visit our freebies page for some great resources.

Do you offer any masterclasses?

Yes, we do! Check out our Profitable Engagement Masterclass. It's perfect for those who want to make their social media time more strategic and profitable. You'll learn how to attract new clients with minimal effort and build a loyal community that not only buys from you but also spreads the word.

Where can I listen to your Business Podcast for Female Founders?

You can easily access our Business Podcast for Female Founders on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more. Simply search for "Daring Made" in your preferred podcast app, hit the subscribe button, and you'll have a wealth of inspiring episodes at your fingertips. Whether you're commuting, working out, or relaxing at home, our podcast is ready to accompany you on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

action takers are money makers.

No more fluffy vanilla advice that keeps you stuck. Daring Made is the Business Podcast for Female Founders that blends your tough-love bestie with a marketing mentor who's been there, done that, f*cked around and found out...and now, sharing everything with you to support your best business year ever.

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