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Ep. 12: Brand Photoshoots 101 | Creativity, Intuition & Storytelling with Sammy Hearn

Welcome to another riveting episode of Daring Made. Today, we bask in the exuberance of Sammy Hearn, a phenomenal creative professional whose multifarious skills span from photography to videography and extend to education. Profoundly familiar with Sammy’s work, I can confidently attest to her creative genius and unwavering dedication. She’s gifted, reliable, and has played an instrumental role in shaping my brands over time. In this episode, we deep dive into the essence of creativity, an indispensable element in founding and growing a successful brand.

Embracing the Power of Creativity

So how does Sammy, the theater child turned photographer, inject life into static visuals? Her early years spent in theater and journalism were the foundation of a creative career. From clicking photos while covering crime stories in Nashville to dressing up and holding playful photo shoots with friends, Sammy breathed life into the priceless memories captured in her frames. Fast forward ten years, a switch from corporate jobs to running her own entrepreneurial shot and soon Sammy was helping musicians and businesses communicate their stories compellingly.

Combining her innate love for theater, attention to details as a journalist, and creative skills as a photographer, Sammy assisted brands in producing content that was not just pleasing to look at but encapsulated their brand narratives effectively.

Creativity and Storytelling in Business

Anyone can click a picture of a person sipping coffee! What sets Sammy apart is the vibrancy and storytelling embedded in every picture she takes, every video she edits. The complex interplay of theater, journalism, and creativity allows her to capture reality in captivating forms.

The art of pulling attention isn’t just about placing a quirky picture or writing irresistible captions- it’s about connecting on a deeper emotional level. Whether it’s with fun or intensity, at the core, it’s about reflecting a story, a purpose, a motive. That’s what resonates with and secures the audience’s gaze.

Sammy’s work goes beyond merely snapping or capturing a frame; she paints vivid stories through the lenses of her camera, which in turn makes her work more relatable, more human.

Bringing out Emotion in Branding

Speaking about stirring emotions in business branding, it is essential to be authentic and step into a vision that resonates with your true self. The magic of creativity lies in its ability to be vulnerably authentic, powerfully impactful, and distinctively recognizable. You don’t need to squeeze your brand into a tiny box defined by the industry. All you need is the courage to be different and flaunt that difference confidently.

If you’re considering embarking on a DIY shoot, prepare yourself for some experimentation and plenty of fun. Sammy suggests using good lights, playing with different angles and poses, and trying different applications and editing tools. Feeling comfortable, exploring different sides of your personality, and showcasing them authentically can take a simple shoot from drab to fab.

Props to Preproduction

When working with clients, Sammy emphasizes the necessity of proper preproduction, inclusive of a detailed plan, deliverables, and meeting deadlines. Preproduction is all about understanding the entire spectrum of a brand and its persona. Sammy encourages people to try out different versions of themselves and express those dimensions in their branding.


In closing, the presence of creativity and storytelling in business branding is a potent tool that captures audience attention, paints vivid brand images, and enables a stronger connection with customers. So, go ahead, experiment, innovate, and make your brand stand out in every frame.

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