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Ep. 03: How to Win More Customers: Speak DIRECTLY to Them

Hey, Daring listeners. Welcome back to Daring Made, the go-to space for entrepreneurs ready to make real connections and dive deep into the art and science of strategically building a brand in business. Today, we’re tackling a topic that so many founders grapple with: How do I win over my dream clients by making them the hero of their own story?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of using language that attracts your ideal customers and helps your marketing and sales efforts yield the results you desire. By the end of this post, you’ll understand the importance of speaking your customers’ language and learn practical tips to implement in your business.

Set the Scene: Your Brand vs. Your Clients

Let’s start by setting the scene. You’ve started your business and poured your heart, soul, and creativity into it. But here’s the kicker: Is your brand all about you or is it about your clients? Be honest. If your last post was more about your day in life than how you can serve your clients, it’s time to have a serious conversation. While it’s important to showcase your personality if you’re the spokesperson of your brand, it’s not the sole factor that seals the deal with your customers.

Cracking the Client Code: Understand Their Mindset

To win over your dream clients, you need to understand what’s buzzing in their minds at 3:00 AM. What fuels their passions? You must speak their language and address their specific problems with empathy. When you make them feel understood, you earn their trust. Take the time to listen and validate their experiences. Much like Taylor Swift singing to a room full of classic rock or rap fans, you need to speak in a way that resonates with them, or you’ll hear nothing but crickets when it comes to bookings and sales.

Present Your Solution in Their Story: Be Their Wise Guide

Your challenge as a marketer is to frame your product or service as the chosen one, custom-tailored to their unique journey. Avoid solely focusing on the features and benefits. Instead, highlight how your offerings can solve their specific problems and get them closer to their desires. Simplify the process for them, removing any guesswork or overthinking. Remember, they are the main character of the story, and you are their wise guide.

Social Media Strategies: Engage and Build Relationships

Let’s talk about social media, a vital platform to reach your clients. Engagement should be your priority over broadcasting. Don’t just post and go. Initiate conversations, ask questions, and respond to comments. Show your clients that you care about building a relationship and a community.

Your value-packed content should be presented in the form of stories. Share content that progresses the client’s journey rather than patting yourself on the back. Celebrate your clients’ wins as their victories, further strengthening credibility and community.

Utilize behind-the-scenes transparency to showcase the work you put into solving their problems. This not only builds trust but also establishes your authority. Your customers want to see how you can help them, not what you do in your personal life.

And don’t forget the power of feedback. Your brand and offerings are not set in stone. Continuously listen, adapt, and grow with your audience. By responding to their needs, you can turn one-time customers into lifelong clients.

Consistency is key to engaging, learning, and growing with your audience. Building real and meaningful connections takes time, but it positions you as an intentional and strategic business owner. Make the shift from being the main character to guiding your customers, and watch your business flourish.


Speaking directly to your customers and making them the hero of their own story is essential for building a successful brand and business. By understanding their mindset, presenting your solution in their story, and engaging authentically on social media, you can create real connections and win over your dream clients. Remember, it takes time and effort, but the results will be worth it.

Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes on brand archetypes and buyer types, where we’ll dive even deeper into these concepts and provide additional insights to help you strategically grow your business. Together, we’ll simplify the art of marketing and sales, empowering you to create a thriving and customer-focused brand.

We hope you found this blog post enlightening and inspiring. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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